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Smart Solution

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Thermal Error Compensation

Tool Length Measuring

Tool Length Measuring

On-Screen Tool Measuring

  • Easy, fast tool length measurement
  • The intuitive and user-friendly user interface
  • Data comparison before and after measurement
  • Tool diameter/breakage measurement
  • Setting of probe installation position
  • Batch processing of tool measurement upon listing all tools to measure

Work Coordinate Setting

Work Coordinate Setting

On-Screen Reference Setting

  • Easy, fast workpiece reference point setting
  • Reference point setting guide customized for various coordinate system type, including cross section, 3-point center, corner, etc.
  • Additional screen for reference setting with accu center

키네매틱 설정

Kinematic Setting

Setting of rotating axis's center (kinematic) in 5-axis machines

  • Phased screen for kinematic setting
  • Guidance on various settings for the measurement
  • A click of button allows automatic conducting of all settings and measurements
  • Data confirmation and management before and after the measurement


  • image

    Measurement History Management (FANUC)

  • image

    Measurement Settings (SIEMENS)



Cuts Cost with Energy Saving Mode and Monitoring Consumption

  • Minimizing energy loss caused by surrounding devices
  • Automatic turning off of devices with unnecessary energy consuming during the machine standby
  • Visualization of energy consumption to make the most of the machine

Interactive Software for programming

1. Dialogue program for lathe

2. Dialogue for the composite lathe

3. Dialogue program for M/C