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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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About Hyundai WIA

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Hyundai WIA, established in 1976, is one of the world’s leading automotive parts maker.

The company also produces machine tools and has attained the biggest market share in South Korea since the year 2000. Other business areas that Hyundai WIA is involved in include heavy equipment, defense products and aircraft parts.




Hyundai WIA has built a foundation for the global automotive industry by producing various auto- parts such as engines, automobile modules, turbo charger and C.V Joint and producing precision machine tools including Factory Automations Systems.

Also, the company is actively responding to the new trends in automotive development and creating a new industrial society through continuous research and development on other fields. Hyundai WIA has evolved into a leading world-class corporation, armed with innovation and a determination to build a better future for all.