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Privacy Policy

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Hyundai WIA stores all information that the user provides to us through the use of the website or by other means available. It is therefore down to the users descretion to make information available. In particular cases of further use of user information, the following points must be taken into consideration.

Hyundai WIA regards any user information obtained through the company website as confidential and will be protected.
The use of contact data published in the imprint or comparable details such as addresses, telephone or fax numbers and e-mail adresses for sending unsolicited information is prohibited. Legal action against senders of spam mails in violation of this prohibition are expressly reserved.

Reference and links

The Hyundai WIA website contains references and links to other websites. These websites respectively maintain liability for their contents and actions. Liability due to linkage of external websites with illegal content will only be considered if Hyundai WIA, with technical capacity permitting, could prevent the use of illegal content.


The content of the Hyundai WIA website is protected by copyright. The reproduction of information or data, particularly the use of text or images requires the prior consent of Hyundai WIA. This information also may not be altered or falsified.Disclosure or reproduction of the contents is only permitted under the acknowledgement and permission of Hyundai WIA Europe GmbH


The content of this Hyundai WIA website is carefully compiled with the intent to inform based on accurate and truthful information. Consequently Hyundai WIA Europe GmbH accepts no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided or contributions.
Any liability claims that arise due to the use or non-use of available in-house or third-party information are excluded, unless Hyundai WIA acts intentially or with gross negligence in the adoption or communiaction of foreign contributions.