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Hi-MOLD6500 Vertical Machining Center for Mold Machining

The Vertical Machining Center Hi-MOLD6500 by Huyndai WIA CORP, the national (Kor) machine tool builder with years of expertise and the latest technology, are high-performance equipment for processing high quality molds.

State-of-the-art Technology for
Machining Precision Molds

  • Wall type machining center for utmost quality of molding
  • High-precision spindle design with precision angular contact bearing
  • 20,000 rpm built-in spindle for high-precision molding (Option : 24,000 rpm)
  • Ball screw nut cooling system in all axes as standard
  • Hyundai-Wia molding package for optimal mold parts tooling

Basic FeaturesSuper Quality & Productivity Vertical Machining Center for Mold Machining


Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z axis)

- 40/40/40 m/min

Feed Travel (X/Y/Z axis)

- 1,100/650/550 mm

Table Size (LxW)

- 1,200x650 mm

Table Max. Load Capacity

- 1,000 kg (2,205 lb)

1Wall Type Column Structure

Hi-MOLD6500 is built upon a wall type column frame. The biggest benefit of a double column machining center is the increased rigidity and less heat generated. Hence, it retains accuracy and repeatability at the highest levels.



Step Type of Column Structure

Since X axis cross beam of column had been desinged with step type, it had reduced the load that occurs on the front during the product processing. In additional, the transfer stability had been increased by optimizing the column's weight.

Grease Lubrication Method Guideway

Because the lubricant which is injected to both LM guide block and ball screw nut is adopted as the grease lubrication method, we can save more than 33 times of the consumption of lubricant compared to the oil lubrication method.

  • 3Built-In Spindle


    By using ultra precision class angular bearings, fast acceleration and deceleration of the main spindle is achieved.

  • 4X Type of Rib Structure Bed


    Hi-MOLD6500 was manufactured with X type and high rigid of Rib structure, and it showing the best performance in the high quality of mold machining, due to excellent vibration absorption, powerful cutting and high precise machining.

  • 5Nut Cooling Ball Screw


    HI-MOLD6500 has also adopted ball screw nut cooling system which protects travel axes from thermal deformation.

High-Precision SpindleLong Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Vertical Machining Center


Built-In Spindle

Built-in Spindle, designed with Angular Contact Bearings at front and back, can rotate at 24,000rpm. Also, high speed and high precision machining are possible with its rapid acceleration/deceleration. Amount of noise and vibration at high speed are small and heat ransfer to spindle is also minimized and this enables stable machining.

Spindle Cooling

Oil-Air lubrication at spindle bearings is applied to minimize thermal displacement.

Application of 2 Faces Spindle

The Big Plus spindle system (BBT40) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder. This greatly increase tool rigidity, reduces run out and adds significant productivity to your machining applications.


The increase in standard diameter improves stiffness and ATC interactive precision, and Z-axis displacement prevention further extends tool life

Spindle Thru Coolant OPTION

Spindle thru coolant is particularly useful when drilling deep holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the machine, while decreasing cycle time.


Mold PackagePowerful Mold Package, HYUNDAI-WIA Mold All in One



To aid in the machining of molds, the Hyundai WIA Mold package is applied as a standard feature for Hi-MOLD6500 machines.

This ensures accurate and high quality surface finishes and contouring.

Mold Package Specification

HWM ALL IN ONE 3 Package(FANUC) 4 Package(FANUC)
AICCⅡ Package 600 block  
1,000 block  
Auto Power Off
Sp. Heat Distortion Compensation Device (8 Channels)
Cutting Air Blow
Auto Tool Measuring Device
Data Server 1GB

3 Package : Standard 4 Package : Option


High Speed Contouring Control (AICCⅡ : 600 Block)

Recognizes NC Data prior to the current processing phase

Optimal S/W (FANUC 31i-B Model)

HW-MCS (Selectable Process Conditions)
HW-AFC (Adapive Feed Control)

Automatic Power Cut Off Device

  • images

    Main Spindle Cooling Device (8-channel)

    Maintains temperature on the main spindle (heat sensor)

  • images

    Cutting Air Blow

    No need for cutting oil during mold processing

  • images

    Auto Tool Measuring Device

    Detects and sets tool length, and wear (Graphic User Interface included)

Heat Distortion Compensation Device

Spindle growth and distortion is minimized by the use of HYUNDAI WIA’s unique cooling techniques. This provides more accuracy when utilizing high speed machining.