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    Achieving Ultra-precision Machining Through XF6300 - CHARISMA TECHNOLOGY
    CHARISMA TECHNOLOGY has stayed true to its name by exhibiting charismatic technology for customers. We are currently machining key components for satellites and hydrogen cars through the high-performance 5-axis machining center from HYUNDAI WIA.
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    Resin Machining Powerhouse - BENATEC
    It is difficult to meet the requirements for machining quality depending on the type of resin material. But BENATEC has found the optimal solution in machining center KF5600M and box guide-equipped lathe HD2600M from HYUNDAI WIA.
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    Utilization of Y-axis Lathe and Semiconductor/Medical Appliance Component Machining - SUNGIL TECH
    SUNGIL TECH is a company specializing in machining of semiconductor and medical appliance components. We have achieved high-quality complex machining by integrating four units of HD2600Y, a Y-axis turning center from HYUNDAI WIA.
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    Choice of the Chairman Company of the Volvo Group Korea Partners Association - HYUNDAI MACHINERY
    HYUNDAI MACHINERY BOLT is a company specializing in machining parts for railway vehicles and heavy machinery. We have introduced HS6300 II from HYUNDAI WIA to our machining facility and it exhibits machining performance similar to the machine tool from company M based in Japan.
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    Automation of Front Loading Lathe - H&ST
    In the past, we used front loading lathes from another manufacturer and often had to deal with problems stemming from machining quality issues. But all of these problems were solved by LF2600 II from HYUNDAI WIA.
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    Machining of High-precision and Complex Shape Defense Industry Parts - KIPCO KOREA
    Defense industry parts require very complex shape and high-precision machining compared to general parts. We were previously operating our production line with imported 5-axis machining centers, but not in the process of replacing them with XF6300 and XF8500 from HYUNDAI WIA.
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    We are developing new solutions of future productivity that will transform our lives beyond the manufacturing industry.
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    To achieve the dreams of companies all over the world. To provide a better future for all mankind Our challenge today is tomorrow’s solution.
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    XF6300 user review video - Wonsin Tech
    Hyundai WIA visited Wonsin Tech, which is specialized in ultra-precision machining, and interviewed user review of 5-axis machining center, XF6300.
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    Dong Eun Tech interview video - Automation System with Mahining Tools
    Dong Eun Tech Inc. is an affiliate of the representative forging company in Korea, Dong Eun Forging, and processes forged products expertly.
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