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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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Hyundai WIA Machine Tools

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Machine tools are the core of the precision machinery industry.

From unique design to production and after-sales service, Hyundai WIA's machine tools are products which provide higher productivity and higher precision.

Since its formation, Hyundai WIA has been steadily accumulating know-how in the precision machine industry. From a position of leadership in its domestic market, the company is spreading its wings to serve the global market.

Turning Centers



Hyundai WIA Machine Tools ensure high productivity and high precision.
Its machine tools and experience take factory automation to the next level.

Hyundai WIA Machine Tools was consolidated and restructured in 2005. From its position of technology and sales leadership in the Korean market, the machine tools division is now spearheading an expansion drive into the global marketplace. Higher productivity and worker convenience are the machine tool design priorities. These machine tools have led the Korean market since 2000. The company has been continuously investing in the development of the newest technology in order to produce first-rate quality products.

Machining Centers



Serving the Korean shipbuilding industry,
Hyundai WIA is focusing on large-scale complex equipment delivering high-speed, high precision solutions.

Hyundai WIA's machining centers have evolved in response to customer demands for machining centers which are capable of simultaneously undertaking multiple processes. Backed by decades of accumulated experience and know-how, Hyundai WIA offers a full line up of machine tools serving the needs of our customers, including the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. Second to none, Hyundai WIA's machine tools are synonymous with high-quality and is evolving at a rapid rate with the information technology revolution. The company supplies total solutions to the customer by including custom engineering solutions on any scale to satisfy their needs.