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Machine tool research

1Turning Center development


  • Standard / Multi-Axis Turning Center development
  • Special turning center development
  • Core product development

2M/C development


  • Vertical/Horizontal M/C development
  • Machine for factory automation
  • Core product development

Machine tool control and Software research and development

1Machine tool CNC application design


Lathe and machining center optimum control logic design

  • Optimization of CNC System
  • Multi-Spindle / Multi-Path(Multi-Channel) control
  • Optimum application of CNC function

Drive system and peripheral device control

  • Turret, ATC, Magazine control
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Pressure Unit

Operating environment and Electric enclosure design

2CNC embedded software design


ADevelop and implement proprietary functions for Fanuc/Siemens CNC

  • Machine operation guide
  • Tool path control
  • Thermal displacement compensation
  • Vibration control
  • Eco-friendly control

3PC and mobile based software design


Install and operate with PC and mobile devices (tablet PC, smart phone)

  • Remote diagnostic and maintenance
  • Virtual machine operation
  • Conversational Programing
  • Mobile operation / monitoring / control

Machine tool Advanced Research

1Core product development


  • Development of direct drive motor tilting rotary table
  • Development of lathe spindle and tool post
  • Development of spindle for machining center

2Development of main spindle


  • High power high speed spindle(30,000rpm)
  • Nano precision spindle(precision level: 50nm, speed : 40,000rpm)
  • Main Spindle thermal displacement sensors and compensation system

Machine tool design verification

  • 1Structural analysis


    • Maximum cutting feedrates, thermal stability
    • Static and dynamic deflection analysis, thermal distortion analysis
    • Software : ANSYS, ABAQUS
  • 2Non-linear analysis


    • Clamping force, impact resistance, component fatigue
    • Contact Analysis, transient Analysis, fatigue analysis
  • 3Dynamic analysis


    • Rapid feed rigidity, control/structure coupling characteristics
    • Mechatronic analysis, flexible body dynamics
    • Software : ANSYS, ABAQUS