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KM2600MTTS Process-intensive 9-axis Multi-tasking Machine

The multitasking machine KM2600MTTS,
designed by HYUNDAI WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is designed to maximize productivity by utilizing twin spindles and mill head.

High-rigidity Construction with High Aging Resistance

  • The adoption of a milling head with a built-in B axis (0.0001control) enables the operator to perform turning and milling works in perfect harmony.
  • The highly rigid Y-axis structure makes it possible to process diverse shapes.
  • Application of CAPTO C6 tool for high speed complex machining
  • The model features built-in main & sub-spindles with high output and high torque.

Basic Features

High Precision & Heavy Duty Cutting Y-axis CNC Turning Center


1Built-In 10″ Main & Sub Spindle

The built-in 4,000rpm-class spindle minimizes vibration to allow machining of the highest precision.


2Mill Head

The mill head of KM2600MTTS, where the b-axis control can be done, is mounted with a high-resolution encoder having a DDM (Direct Drive Motor) and 0.0001° to secure high positioning precision. This shows the highest machining perfomance among the same class.

<12,000 r/min>


3BMT Lower Turret

The lower turret ensures the high-speed machining of complicated shapes in precision only with the one-time setting of an object to be machined with the mill head and complex machining.


4ATC & Magazine

The installation of magazine on the front provides the efficient tool exchange and tool setting. Magazine with chain driving method provides 36 tools as a standard, and 72 tools as an option.


5High Precision, High Rigidity Bed Structure


Z-axis in a 3-way structure is applied to remove any interference in conveyance between the tool station and 2nd spindle. Design in 45° slant ensures that cutting chips and cutting oil are discharged smoothly and both high strength and high precision can be maintained.

Especially, the bed is analyzed in the FEM method to minimize factors that can be generated in the machining, such as thermal deformation, vibration, etc.


Long Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Multitasking Machine

High-precision Built-in Spindle delivers impressive performance in accurate machining

Built-in type spindle reduces noise, heat and vibration effectively at high speed rates. Also, rapid acc./deceleration reduces non-cutting time leading to higher productivity.

Bar Capacity Ø80 (Ø3.1″)
Spindle Bore Ø91 (Ø3.6″)
C-axis Indexing 0.0001°


C-Axis Control

C-axis control of main and sub spindle allows machining of various products with the use of mill head on the Y-axis.

Spindle Oil Cooling

The main/sub spindles have been fitted with cooling units as a standard feature to minimize thermal displacement generated during cutting works, maintain a constant temperature, and increase cutting stability.


Easy Work Coordinate Setting

The 10” chuck has been adopted for the built-in sub-spindle as well as the main spindle. Synchronized rotation of the main and sub-spindles allows high-precision, continuous cutting work.

Main Spindle


Sub Spindle


Mill Head

Excellent Performance, High Accuracy Cutting Multitasking Machine


Oil Cooling

The adoption of a spindle cooling unit for the Mill Head as a standard feature minimizes thermal error generated during cutting work, maintains a constant temperature, and increases cutting stability.


B-axis Angle 240° (-30°~+210°)
B-axis Indexing Angle 0.0001°
Driven Type DD Motor

High-precision B Axis Mill Head for Various Cutting Works and Wider Range of Machining

The Mill Head features high-precision B-axis control capability, and is equipped with a Direct Drive Motor and a 0.0001° class high fidelity encoder to guarantee high positioning accuracy and the best cutting performance in its class.

Maximum rotation of 12,000rpm enables high-speed cutting and superb machining performance.

Mill Head




CAPTO-C6, which allows double-sided circulation, is applied as a standard for maximum cutting capability.

  • - Ideal over load analysis
  • - Decreased tool change time by short taper

Machining Variation


  • OD Cutting
  • Face Milling


  • Drilling
  • OD Drilling


  • ID Cutting
  • Ball-End Milling


  • ID Threading
  • End Mill


  • Cut-Off
  • Angular Machining