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KF series - The Fastest, Most Versatile High-end Vertical Machining Center

2017.11.23 | Hyundai Wia Machine Tools


KF series - The Fastest, Most Versatile High-end Vertical Machining Center

The Fastest, Most Versatile High-end Vertical Machining Center
HYUNDAI WIA Machine Tools is proud to introduce the next generation vertical type machining center KF series.
KF series is the next model of F series such as F400/F500/F650, which is one of the representative machines among HYUNDAI WIA’s vertical machining center line up. It has a modular design according to the specification of the main spindle, and the KF series is applicable to various industrial sectors from general job shop to high end molding industries.

Variety of Spindle Options
KF series is composed of optimum line-up to satisfy customers’ needs and machining purposes. KF series designed with many variations of spindle depending on the driving method.
Directly coupled type spindle is composed of 8,000 rpm as a standard and also provided with 10,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm as an option. Directly coupled main spindle, which has no backlash and easy to maintenance, results in enhancement of machine efficiency. Especially, hydraulic type tool lock system enhances stability of main spindle greatly, and decreases noise during tool change.
Built-in driven type spindle is composed of 15,000 rpm for a high speed machining, and 20,000 rpm for a mold machining to widen customers’ choice. Built-in spindle has rare occurrence of vibration during high speed machining due to characteristics of built-in structure, and shows excellent performance for high precision machining. Spindle cooling unit is applied as standard to maintain precision consistently even for extended operating time.
Additionally, 20,000 rpm built-in spindle is provided with highest level of “MOLD PACKAGE” in order to satisfy user convenience and high quality of mold machining at the same time.
Standard specification of mold package includes:
- 200 block look-ahead function. This function prepares the machine to operation-ready status by acknowledging the machining program in advance.
- Automatic power cut off unit. This unit reduces power consumption by cutting power automatically via program setup when the operation time lengthens.
- Main spindle thermal displacement compensation unit. This unit minimizes thermal displacement by detecting the temperature change of the spindle,
- Cutting air blow. This option enables machining without cutting oil,
- Automatic tool measurement device. This device automatically measures and compensates for tool length and tool wear status.

Enhanced Rigidity & Travel Ability
Furthermore, the rigidity of KF series has significantly improved compare to previous model by adopting finite element method (FEM). For example, the rigidity of KF5600 has enhanced 13% in X axis direction, 21% in Y axis direction and 29% in Z axis direction when compared with previous model. Through the effort to improve rigidity, precise heavy duty machining under high-load condition can be operated easily.

This KF series also has the advantage in traverse ability. All axes of KF series are directly coupled with ball screws, and applied Roller type LM Guide which is 130% superior to Ball type LM Guide to provide smooth and powerful traverse capability. Especially KF5600 and KF5600C has different Z-axis travel distance, which are 520mm and 635mm. This differentiated machine deployment will satisfy customers’ needs depending on the item what customers want.

User Convenience
KF series has greatly improved in disposed chip treatment. Chips generated during machining are efficiently disposed out of the machine through Screw Chip Conveyors installed on each side in the machine as standard. (KF4600 : screw chip conveyor option)
In addition, customer can select the optimum chip conveyor type according to the shape of chips. Hinge and scraper type below water chip conveyor can be installed on the left, right and rear of the machine to collect long or crumpled chips. Hinge type over water chip conveyor can be installed on the left and right of the machine to collect small and light chips.
Different types of chip conveyors can be installed according to the user’s needs and factory layout to enhance chip disposal capability, layout efficiency.

HYUNDAI WIA Machine Tools offers high productivity and precision with this KF series. We also ensure the best and fastest machine service whatever customer wants.
Best choice for high quality machining!
KF5600 will make your dreams come true.