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XF6300 - World’s best vertical type 5-axis machining center

2017.11.22 | Hyundai Wia Machine Tools


XF6300 - World’s best vertical type 5-axis machining center

5-Axis Machining Center with Superb Accuracy
HYUNDAI WIA Machine Tools Department introduces ambitiously world’s best vertical type 5-axis machining center. XF6300 is a 5-axis vertical type machining center designed by European R&D center in Germany. XF6300 satisfies all criteria that machine tool requires such as high speed, simultaneous 5-axis precision, high rigidity, user convenience and so on.

User Friendly CNC
This machine is designed with customer’s convenience as a top priority, and it is equipped with 19” large monitor to provide enhanced visibility. Especially, SIEMENS NC’s convenient processing function, SHOP MILL is supplied as standard, which enables to check program using large screen when implementing 3D simulation, and enhances program implementation capabilities even more. In addition, control panel is designed as pivoting type so that programming can be adjusted at the optimum position when setting the workpeice. This control panel has same configuration as computer keyboard for easy usage. We provide “Mold Package” as a standard for an efficient and proficient mold processing with the aid of various NC options and automatic tool measurement.

Unique Structural Analysis
XF6300’s bed and column has integrated design by using HYUNDAI WIA’s unique analysis method. When comparing with conventional bed & column separated model has superior rigidity and vibration absorbing capability, and has excellent performance for high quality product machining because of integrated bed & column structure design.
In addition, XF6300 is designed with 4-way structure box type saddle inside cross-beam to increase stiffness and minimize thermal displacement at the same time. It also applied Box-in-Box structure design that places Pusher, which covers main axis cartridge, as box type inside X-axis Saddle. This accomplishes thermal equilibrium and minimizes thermal deformation.
Especially, due to BOX-IN-BOX design, direction of main axis’ center of gravity and z-axis moving direction are in the exactly same line. This enables advantageous structure design for more precise machining.

Powerful Travel Ability
XF6300 is designed with X-axis 650mm, Y-axis 600mm and Z-axis 500mm based on linear axis. This machine also takes advantage of travel capability with 60 m/min rapid traverse speed and 1G of X/Z-axis acceleration & deceleration speed. Y-axis is designed to have 2 parallel ball screw and motor that results in excellent improvement in travel stability.
XF6300 also implemented linear scale to all linear axes and rotary scale to rotating axes as standard to provide world’s best precision for customer satisfaction.

Various Spindles for Multipurpose
We developed 15,000 rpm built-in applied with angular contact bearing at the front & rear side, which leads to high speed and high accuracy machining in wide-purpose. In addition, 24,000 rpm & 40,000 rpm spindle options are prepared for high quality of mold machining.
Main spindles of XF6300 have almost no noise and vibration even at high speed machining, and ensure very stable machining performance by minimizing thermal displacement transferred to spindle.
In addition, main spindle adopted oil cooling device as standard to maintain its accuracy level even for a long hour of operation.
XF6300 applied HSK tool holder which shows small spindle taper extension during high speed rotation. It can achieve high level of positioning precision in high speed, and provides superior performance for high value product.

Other Remarkable Features
XF6300 is designed with 5-axis rotary table that provides various forms of product processing. Table can be driven 30 degree to front side of machine, and 120 degree to the rear side of machine based on A-axis, and C-axis can rotate 360 degree, which is quite suitable for machining of complex form.
Especially, Direct Drive Motor is applied to fulfill high speed operation greatly, which improves productivity and rigidity by designing A-axis housing as integrated type. A-axis and C-axis have 70 rpm and 110rpm respectively.
HYUNDAI WIA Europe R&D Center also developed rack-type magazines to provide various options for customer satisfaction. XF6300 is equipped with 34 tools, which is single layer as a standard. Tool magazines can be upgraded 68 tools, 2-layer and 102 tools, 30-layer as options.

We promise that XF6300 will be the best 5-axis machine for the multipurpose such as general machinery, healthcare and mold industry.
For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.