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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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Major Exhibitons

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  • EMO 2017 (18-23/9)

    EMO is one of the world’s 4 International machine tool exhibitions demonstrating the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. EMO is held every odd year.

  • CIMT 2017 (17-22/4)

    CIMT, one of the world’s top 4 international machine tool exhibitions, is the most prestigious international machine too exhibition in China.

  • INTERMOLD KOREA 2017 (7-11/3)

    INTERMOLD KOREA is the #1 Mold making exhibition in the world and is one of 3 exhibitions in Asia focused on the mold making industry.

  • IMTEX 2017 (26-31/1~1/2)

    IMTEX 2017 is the largest metal cutting machine tool exhibition in South East Asia.

  • IMTS 2016 (12-17/9)

    The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2016 is the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America, which takes place in Chicago in the United States.

  • SIMTOS 2016 (13-17/4)

    The Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show (SIMTOS) 2016 is South Korea’s largest trade show featuring machine tools and manufacturing technologies.

Local Exhibition Yearly Calendar

Local Exhibiton Yearly Calendar
Exhibition Country/City Date
MMTS Montreal MMTS Montreal
  • Country/City : Canada/Montréal QC
  • 2016.05.16 ~ 2016.05.18
Canada/Montréal QC 2016.05.16 ~ 2016.05.18
  • Country/City : Argentina/Buenos Aires
  • 2016.05.10 ~ 2016.05.14
Argentina/Buenos Aires 2016.05.10 ~ 2016.05.14

CIMT 2015

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Date 2015.04.20~ 2015.04.25
Location 중국 북경 CIEC
Size of exhibition 65부스(약 178평)
Exhibiting Machines 13대