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KL7000LY - Large-size CNC Turning Center for Long Shaft Products

2017.11.27 | Hyundai Wia Machine Tools

Process Integration CNC LATHE with Y-Axis
HYUNDAI WIA proudly introduces KL7000LY for large-size shaft processing machine. Capability of heavy-duty cutting and productivity has remarkably enhanced due to the ideal composition of powerful spindle, high rigidity box guideway, and wedge type Y-axis. We are expecting that 24" and 32" chuck will make the most usages for oil and gas industries. Besides strong and reliable wedge type Y-axis has an advantage in machining of complex shape.


High Torque and High Precision Gear Box Spindle
To accomplish stability even during the heavy-duty cutting, the spindle is designed with a combination of P4 level double cylindrical roller bearings and angular bearings.
The spindle is equipped with a high torque gear box showing the strength in the heavy-duty cutting. In addition, heat dissipation ribs and fan, which are attached to the front/rear side, make heat discharge faster for precise machining. Gear box of KL7000LY spindle has 3-step gears to fulfill high torque processing smoothly and stably. Maximum speed of spindle is up to 1,500 rpm and maximum torque is up to 6,928N•m.

Process Integration CNC LATHE with Y-Axis
KL7000LY is designed with a unique structure analysis only offered by HYUNDAI WIA which is the flat-type bed structure unlike the existing slanted bed, resulting in improvements in strong and heavy-duty cutting capability. Rigidity of the flat-type bed is enhanced up to 25% compared to slanted bed.


Due to flat design of bed, centroid of the machine has lowered. This design allows arrangement of spindle and tool post in a stable condition, which also means machining accuracy has improved compared to the previous model.

KL7000LY is designed with a wedge type Y-axis (stroke: 220mm, ±110), which is transferred by simultaneous operation of the Ys-axis and the X-axis. These two composite axes generate 30% enhanced rigidity compared to general type of Y-axis machine, hence KL7000LY can easily deals with any kinds of complex product.

Large Work Space for Convenient Machining
KL7000LY features the largest machining area in 24"-class, so that large size of products can be processed with maximum turning diameter Ø920 mm. In addition, this machine designed to deal with long shaft products with Z-axis stroke 3,280 mm. For machining long & large cylindrical parts of oil and gas industry, KL7000YL is the best solution for high quality products.

We promise that KL7000LY will be the best Y-axis lathe for the large size products.
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