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New spot welding robot


Our advanced robotics technologies streamline the spot welding process.

The BX series is a line of spot welding robots that perfectly embodies the expertise we have cultivated in the field of spot welding, effectively taking performance to the next level.

  • BX165L-A

  • BX200L

스폿용접 전용 ROBOT

New spot welding robot


BX165L-A BX200L
images images
Degree of freedom 6 axes
Payload 165 kg 200 kg
Motion range Arm rotation (JT1) ±160 °
Arm out-in (JT2) +76 ~ -60 °
Arm up-down (JT3) +90 ~ -75 °
Wrist twist (JT4) ±210 °
Wrist bend (JT5) ±125 °
Wrist swivel (JT6) ±210 °
Motion Range images images
Max. Reach 2,597 mm
Repeatability ±0.2 mm
Mass (except options) 930 kg
Mounting Floor, Ceiling
Matching controller E22


High-speed spot welding

The BX series robots come with lightweight arms and high-output, high-revolution motors, and utilize the latest in anti-vibration control technology. These features help to reduce the time needed for short-pitch movements, which constitute the main part of spot welding. The improved sequence of axial operations performed by the servo welding guns also leads to a significant reduction in cycle time.

Integrated Dress Package

Exposed cable harnesses on conventionally dressed robots present a number of drawbacks, such as interference caused by adjacent robots or peripheral devices during in-field teaching or while executing playback after offline programming. The BX series eliminates this problem by housing the cable harness within the robot arm. The arm and wrist of the BX series robot are hollow, allowing the cable harness for spot welding to be internally routed between the base and wrist. This greatly boosts the efficiency of both offline programming and in-field teaching.

Higher density installation

Compared to conventional robots, the BX series robots have a much smaller footprint and an even thinner body. Coupled with the cable harnesses housed within the robot arm, these features make it possible to install a large number of BX series robots within a confined space.