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HYUNDAI WIA XF2000 awarded most prestigious machining tool prize in Europe

2017.09.22 | Hyundai Wia Machine Tools


HYUNDAI WIA unveils XF2000 high performance 5-axis machining center at EMO, Europe's largest machine tool exhibition which is held in Hannover and is awarded 1st place in the prestigious MM Award for mill competition.

The MM Award is the most prestigious machine competition in Europe, jointly organized by the German Machine Tool Association (VDW), which hosts the EMO exhibition, and MM (M aschinenMarkt), the world's largest machine tool magazine. It is the first time that a Korean machine tool builder has been awarded MM Award.

Thomas Wentzlöw, chief sales officer of the HYUNDAI WIA Europe GmbH (left) and Magseber Research Group head of the European Research Center, accepted the MM Award, at the EMO 2017 exhibition in Hannover. (right)

HYUNDAI WIA's XF2000 is a high-performing 5-axis machining center, optimized for machining impellers, mobile phone parts, and implants. The XF2000 was design at the European Research Center in Frankfurt, Germany for the highly demanding European market. (The larger XF6300 has already been released in the USA.)

"The XF2000 is a high-speed and high-precision machine, focused on maximizing productivity." said Dennis Corf, head of development for the European Research Center. "It was awarded for its unique mechanical structure and high reliability."

"We have been acknowledged for our technology in Europe, the birthplace of the machine tools," said Jun-Mo Yoon, President of HYUNDAI WIA. "We will continue to enhance our competitiveness in the European market with the X series of high-performance machine tools such as XF 2000. "he said.