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HS6300/8000 II Next-Generation High-speed Horizontal Machining Center

Horizontal Machining Center HS6300/8000 II, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, provides high speed, high performance and maximum productivity.

Next Generation High Efficiency Machining Center

  • High Rigidity Box-type Structure
  • A symmetrical structure design with the center of gravity of Z-axis and transfer axis matching
  • Easy chip disposal with direct chip discharging structure
  • Best-in-class rapid traverse rate of 60m/min (2,362ipm)
  • Machining of the largest workpiece in its class
  • ATC design capable of attaching the largest tools in its class

Basic Structure

High Quality & Productivity Horizontal Machining Center


1Basic Structure


1Highly Rigid Box-type Bed

Unlike the previous reverse T-shaped structures, HS6300/8000 II has a horizontally symmetrical design with the Z-axis transfer system at the center of the material. In particular, a boxed bed design with extremely high rigidity not only secured the structural stability but also improved vibration absorption, enabling ample medium cutting and excellent illumination for machining with a symmetrical structure on the Z-axis.

2Changed Chip Disposal Structure

Designed to directly drop chips onto the chip conveyor, HS6300/8000 II enables seamless chip disposal even during mass chip generation. (Chip processing capability has been greatly improved compared to the screw-type chip conveyor in existing machines.)

3Step Type Bed Structure

It is designed to minimize the load occurring at the front. Also, travel stability is increased by column weight optimization.


2High-Speed FEED

High-Speed Roller Type Guideway

Linear roller guideways are applied to reduce non-cutting time and bring high rigidity. Each axis is directly connected to a highly reliable digital servo motor to provide high rigidity and minimal thermal displacement.


Large Ball Screw

The increased diameters of all ball screws allow for high accuracy even during heavy duty machining.


Travel (X/Y/Z)

HS6300 II 1,050/900/1,000 mm
HS8000 II 1,400/1,200/1,370 mm

Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z)

HS6300 II 60/60/60 mm
(2,362/2,362/2,362 ipm)
HS8000 II 50/50/50 mm
(1,968/1,968/1,968 ipm)

HS8000 II Expansion of Transfer Distance


Spindle & ATC

High-Speed, High-Power Built-in Spindle



Built-in Spindle

By using ultra precision class angular ball bearings, fast acc/deceleration of the main spindle is achieved. The spindle head is designed to minimize heat displacement therefore reducing heat generation and making it possible to maintain high accuracy.

Oil Cooling System.

Spindle temperature is controlled by the use of a spindle oil chiller. This ensures consistent spindle temperature which minimizes thermal displacement.

Dual contact Spindle


The Big Plus spindle system (BBT#50) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder.

Spindle Specifications[ ] : Option

Model Speed (rpm) Motor (Max./Cont.) Torque (Max./Cont.) Type
HS6300/8000 II 10,000 rpm 45/25 kW (60/33.5 HP) 623/305 N.m (459.5/225 lbf·ft) Built-in
[6,000 rpm] [55/30 kW (74/40 HP)] [807/353 N.m (595.2/260.4 lbf·ft)]
touch slide

The Best-in-class Acceleration and Deceleration Time of the Spindle

Spindle Acceleration (0 > 10,000 rpm)



High Rigidity & High Speed Pallet Exchange System


High Speed APC

HS6300/8000 II provides a lift rotary type APC(automatic pallet changer) as standard. The loading station pallet can be rotated and locked in 90° increments for convenient loading/unoading of workpieces.


APC Change Time 12sec



High Precision Pallet

Inside the cones, there are clamping devices for powerful clamping of pallets which is suitable for heavy duty cutting. 1° (0.001° Opt.) index table is applied with high precision curvic coupling for accurate indexing.

Air Clearing System

During the pallet change cycle, strong air blasts from the taper cones on the machine table help remove chips and provide clean surfaces for locating the pallet. This ensures high accuracy of pallet positioning and guarantees optimum rigidity.


Largest Workpiece Machining


Increase Machining Area


APC & Pallet Specifications

Model Pallet Size Max. Load Capacity Min. Indexing Angle APC Type
HS6300 II 2 - 630×630 mm (24.8″×24.8″) 2 - 1,500 kg (3,307 lb) 1° [0.001°] DIRECT TURN
HS8000 II 2 - 800×800 mm (31.5″×31.5″) 2 - 2,000 kg (4,409 lb) 1° [0.001°]

3High Speed Servo ATC


ATC & Magazine

High Speed Servo Motor ATC

The tool magazine holds 40 tools as standard and up to 150 tools as anoption depending on the model.
Servo control, fixed address tool selection method and a separate magazine control panel enhance user convenience. The twin arm ATC provides fast and reliable tool change to reduce non-cutting time..

Improved Tool Change time (C-C)



Max. Tool Dia. / Length Ø320/630 mm

Expand Tool Selection


❖ Matrix Magazine : 240 Tool (When PLS is Applied)

ATC & Magazine Specifications
<Largest tool size and weight in its class : Std.>
[ ] : Option

Model No. of Tools Max. Tool Dia. (W.T/W.O) Max. Tool Length Max. Tool Weight
HS6300/8000 II 40 [60, 90, 120, 150] EA Ø135/Ø320 mm (Ø5.3″/Ø12.6″) 630 mm (24.8″) 30 kg (66.1 lb)

❖ No. of Tools - Matrix Magazine : 240 EA (Option)