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HD2200Y/HD2600Y Y-axis Turning Center

Hyundai Wia, one of the largest machine tool makers in Korea, used its accumulated know-how and latest technology to develop the HD-Y Series, which delivers high-performance, high heavy cutting capability, and maximum productivity concurrently.

Y-axis CNC Turning Center with Highly Reliable Box Guideways

  • Box guideways for enhancement of cutting capability
  • Minimized thermal displacement through stabilized machine component
  • Complex machining is possible with BMT55P turret transferred by wedge type Y-axis

Basic Features

High Precision & Heavy Duty Cutting Y-axis CNC Turning Center


1Optimal Structural Analysis

Structural analysis was applied to the design of the machine to increase the tool post body and reduce the machine’s height so as to maintain the bed’s dynamic rigidity even during heavy-duty cutting.
In addition, the HD-Y Series bed slope is pitched at 30 degrees to ensure more stable machining.


Integrated Coolant Tank

The structure is designed with the coolant tank installed at the bed front for improved convenience. Chips can be removed from the right side of the machine.

2Box Guideway on All Axes

With the mounting of box guideways on all axes, the machine offers excellent vibration absorption even against during heavy-duty cutting, enabling high-quality machining.


Comparing Damping Values


Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z axis) 24/10/30 mm (944/394/1,181)
Travel (X/Y/Z axis) 215/110/680 m/min (8.5″/4.3″/26.8″)

3Wedge Type Y-axis Structure

The HD-Y Series is designed with a wedge type Y-axis that is transferred by the simultaneous operation of the Ys-axis and the X-axis. In addtion, excellent rigidity makes possible to perform superb quality when machining a heavy-duty cutting.


Mill Turret (BMT55P Turret)

The large BMT55P turret enables the HD-Y Series to perform high accuracy milling operations in a single set-up.
The BMT turret is driven by a high torque servo motor with a 0.2 second indexing time(1 Step) in either direction.

Max. Speed 6,000 r/min
Max. Output 5.5 kW(7.4HP)
Max. Torque 53 N·m(39lbf·ft)

High-Precision Spindle

Long Lasting, High Accuracy & Excellent Performance CNC Turning Center

4Spindle for Heavy Cutting

The main spindle is designed with the same structure often found in larger sized machines. The combination of taper roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings leads to excellent heavy duty cutting performance.

Also, machining performance is enhanced by applying ribstar belt to minimize noise and belt slipping problems. The spindle is designed with a labyrinth structure to minimize possible bearing damage from coolant and to improve machining stability.


C-Axis Control

C-axis of HD-Y Series can be controlled to 0.001° which makes it possible to process various shapes.

5Tail Stock

Tailstock enables stable machining of high quality products where quill travels up to120mm (4.7″).


Quill Type MT#4
Quill Dia. Ø80 mm (Ø3.1″)
Quill Travel 120 mm (4.7″)
Travel 680 mm (26.8″)