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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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Aluminium Wheel Cutting

Turning Center for Aluminum Wheel machining with high speed, high rigidity and productivity


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  • Horizontal T/C for AL wheel cutting - Max cutting wheel size : 24"
  • Optimized bed design for high quality AL wheel cutting (1Ton increased compare to existing model)
  • Roller type LM guide with ultra wide witdth
  • Powerful spindle for heavy-duty cutting (92.4N.m of Torque has increased compare to the existing model)


Units of Measure :

Description Unit KL6500AW
Max Turning Dia inch 25.9″
Max Turning Length inch 28″
Wheel Size inch 24″
Driving Method - Belt
Spindle RPM r/min 2,000
Spindle Output HP 40/50
Spindle Torque lbf.ft 407.9
Travel(X/Z) inch 15.7″/28.3″
Rapid Travel(X/Z) m/min 20/24
Slide Type - LM
No. of Tools EA 12
Tool Size inch 1.3″/2.5″


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