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i-CUT400TD Dual Table Tapping Center

The Tapping Center i-CUT400TD, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, maximizes productivity while maintaining rigidity and accuracy.

Dual-tabled Tapping Center

  • Shortens setting time for materials with a dual table system
  • Direct-connection, high-speed spindle system design (15,000rpm)
  • Servo motor-driven ATC (C-C time: 1.72 sec.)
  • Shortens non-cutting time with rapid feed (56m/min.)

Basic Features

High Accuracy & Excellent Performance Dual Table Tapping Center


Optimal Structural Analysis

i-CUT400TD is designed to have optimal structure through Hyundai WIA's uniqueb structural analysis.

1Column Moving Type

In order to utilize the dual table, column moving structure is adopted. Also, extended column width and symmetrical heat behavior column structure allows accurate processing and minimized thermal displacement.

LM Guideway

i-CUT400TD is designed with LM Guide of excellent speed and response. This enables to minimize non-cutting time, leading to higher productivity.
(Z-Axis : Roller LM Guide)

Reduction of non-cutting time by fast rapid speed

Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z axis) 56/56/56 m/min
(2,205/2,205/2,205 ipm)
Travel (X/Y/Z axis) 520/400/330 mm
Spindle Speed 12,000 [15,000] rpm
Spindle Driving Method Direct

High-Precision Spindle

High Productivity Achieved with High Rigidity, Accuracy Machining


2Main Spindle

The spindle is designed with angular contact ball bearings to increase rigidity and to prevent thermal displacement. Due to the maximum spindle speed of 15,000rpm(Opt.), various types of machining are possible.
While in reverse rotation, Double Speed Return function reduces processing time.

Rigid Tapping

Rigid tapping, which is provided as standard, maximizes productivity by rapid and accurate tap machining. Also, the machining accuracy is superb, and lifespan of tap tools is increased.

Through Spindle Coolant OPTION

Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.


ATC, Magazine & Table

Dual Table, Innovative production of high-performance mechanism


Turret Type ATC

No. of Tools 14[21] EA
Max. Tool Weight 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Tool Selection Method Fixed
Tool Change Time T-T : 1.06 sec C-C : 1.74 [2.1] sec

3Magazine & ATC

The 14 tool turret type magazine is provided as standard and 21 tool turret type magazine is provided as an option. Due to the decrease of tool change time, non-cutting time is minimized. (1.06 sec for Tool to Tool and 1.74 sec for Chip to Chip).

Servo ATC

Servo motor is applied on the ATC to reduce tool change time. Also, accurate tool positioning control increases cutting stability.


4Dual Table Type Tapping Center

High productivity is achieved by the dual table which enables workers to setup a new workpiece while the machine is processing. specially, the rotary table is designed for the simpler positioning by the location pin due to the application of hydraulic methods.

Table Size (L×W) 2-650×400 mm (70.9″×27.6″)
Max. Load Capacity 2-250 kg (551 lb)
Table Change Time 6 sec