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    XF6300 user review video - Wonsin Tech
    Hyundai WIA visited Wonsin Tech, which is specialized in ultra-precision machining, and interviewed user review of 5-axis machining center, XF6300.
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    Dong Eun Tech interview video - Automation System with Mahining Tools
    Dong Eun Tech Inc. is an affiliate of the representative forging company in Korea, Dong Eun Forging, and processes forged products expertly.
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    Bridge type, High Precision Machining Center Hi-MOLD6500 - Customer Interview Video
    Hyundai Wia interviewed the representative of Korea mold industry leading company GEONWOO PRECISION for a candid user review on our high performance mold machining center, Hi-MOLD6500.
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    Ultra Precision 5-Axis Machining Center XF6300 - Customer Interview Video
    We visited and interviewed the customer who uses the XF6300 5-axis machining center developed by the Hyundai WIA European R&D Center.
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    HYUNDAI WIA striving for cutting-edge technologies to open a better future for all
    HYUNDAI WIA is evolving from its position as one of Korea’s best companies to become a world-class leading corporation, armed with innovation determination to build a better future for all.
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