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HYUNDAI Intelligent Control


The Powerful CNC platform for Machine Tools


HYUNDAI-iTROL+ & SIEMENS Motor & Drive provide the best solution!


119 inch Multi-touch Monitor

2Convenience enhanced White Grip

3Quick Function Bar

4Keyboard/MCP Integrated Panel that enables 30° folding (Keypad LED Lighting)


HW-ACAM for Automatically Generating Machining Programs

Automated-machining program

  • Input 3D files with USB
    (without 3D files, convenient 3D modeling function is available)

Synchronized Tools

  • Set and specify tools in program for ready quickly

Automatically generating NC programs

  • Analyze work shape and create tool path


  • Machining simulation based on NC program
  • image

    Input 3D File

  • image

    Tool Synchronization

  • image

    Create Automatic NC Program & Machining Simulation

Collision Avoidance Function by Abnormal(Manual) Control

Virtual simulation prevent the collision that can occur from manual operation

3D virtual monitoring based on real-time information

Function properties

  • NC requirements : iTROL+ / SIEMENS
  • Function works in manual mode
  • Covering whole range of machining speed



Machining-optimized Application for the Enhancement of Productivity

Tool Monitoring

  • Monitor the machining load to diagnose tool status and control machining feed

Machine Calculator

  • Calculate the machining condition and workpiece coordinate

Energy Consumption Saving

  • Check and manage energy consumption information through accumulated data

Touch MCP(Machine Control Panel)

  • Easy & convenient operation is possible via touch panel
  • image

    Tool Monitoring App

  • image

    Machining Calculator App

  • image

    Touch MCP App

  • image

    Energy Consumption Saving App

  • image

    Energy Consumption Saving App

Latest Technology for User’s Smart Factory

Machine Monitoring

  • Easy to figure out machine status at a glance with excellent visibility

Electronic Manual

  • E-Manual can be found in application for user convenience

Work Document

  • User also can see, note the work documents through application

Factory Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring in overall view, which can also monitor other machines in factory

Remote Access

  • Control the machine remotely for user convenience
  • image

    Machine Monitoring App

  • image

    E-Manual App

  • image

    Work Document App

  • image

    Factory Monitoring App

  • image

    Remote Access App

Various Applications for Convenient Maintenance

Machining History

  • Provide the historical data and graph for the analysis of machining

Regular Inspection

  • Notify and save history of machine’s regular inspection

Alarm Guidance

  • Statistics and analysis of occurred alarm

ATC Guidance

  • One-touch restoration function when the breakdown
  • Check the current status of ATC


  • Configuration for the user’s taste
  • image

    Machining History App

  • image

    Regular Inspection App

  • image

    Alarm Guidance App

  • image

    ATC Guidance App

  • image

    Setting App