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Automation System

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Hyundai WIA provides unmatched construction of automation line in terms of improvement of productivity.

Hyundai WIA’s experience as a world-class FA (Factory Automation) business, the company delivers automation systems to a variety industries including automotive and electronics. There is an automation system factory (51600 ft2, 120 units) and they are committed to improve automation capability

Gantry Automation


Gantry automation is an automation method using stocker and gantry loader.

Gantry loader transfers raw material from in-stocker to machine automatically, starting machining process. Gantry automation provides good equipment access during operation and easy work monitoring, program modification and maintenance. In addition, small installation area facilitates optimized factory layout.

Moving image example of gantry automation

PLS (Pallet Line System)


Hyundai WIA PLS is an unmanned automation system for horizontal machining centers with two-storied pallet stackers to achieve a reasonable installation area.

Especially, it contributes to productivity improvement by easy and efficient system operation to flexibly respond to changes in production volume.

Moving image example of pallet line system

Robot Automation


Hyundai WIA has delivered more than 10,000 robots around the world through its robot business.

With its know-how and experience, Hyundai WIA is globally recognized in the field of automation. Robot automation features flexible responsiveness, convenience and maintenance regardless of type for automation construction.

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Semi- automation is an automation system which is operated by attaching simple automation devices to a machine tool and mainly used for automation using small turning center, providing economical benefit at initial installation.

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A rotary precision positioning device enabling the machine to drill or mill work at exact intervals around a fixed axis enhancing productivity.

Moving image example of NCRT