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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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Quality policy

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Hyundai WIA's products combine high productivity and precision managed from raw material to production and shipment. It is the result of flawless quality control.

The company has constructed a total system of quality management and concentrates on accomplishing complete customer satisfaction with world-class quality and service through continuous improvement for continued growth as the Top Corporation which guides the automobile and machinery industries in the age of global competition.

Quality assurance process P.D.C.A

Hyundai WIA's quality assurance process consists of P.D.C.A steps, that are Plan, Do, Check, and Action. With its continuous and repetitive execution of these steps, Hyundai WIA further strengthens its competitive position.

Service Call Center Process

  • Plan

    Its quality guarantee plan ensures new product quality improvements production to distribution

  • Do

    Process evaluation, confirmation, and approval guarantees the highest product quality

  • Check

    Analysis of customer dissatisfaction thru testing and use of specialized tools and measurement equipment

  • Action

    Continuous Improvement by relentless review of all warranty claims and other forms of feedback.

Quality assurance strategy-WOW

Hyundai WIA’s quality first policy with WOW (Worst Of Worst) condition verification to supply the best quality machine tool products which exceed customer expectations.

WOW (Worst Of Worst)

This strategy is geared to real world conditions for the improvement of quality by identifying potential issues through verification of worst operating condition by simulation of their customers uses the product.

Status of quality management

At every step, Hyundai WIA does thier best to shorten development times and to strengthen quality using all the tools at our disposal. The company promotes systematic process controls and continuous monitoring and the very latest statistical techniques in order to attain our goal of zero defects.

Design Quality

Design Quality
Hyundai WIA is reducing the development time and further strengthening the quality by nonstop review past and existing product issues from inspiration to installation and full time production plus every step in between.

Part Quality

Part Quality
Hyundai WIA is obtaining the best part quality through the collaboration with suppliers to establish independent quality systems, strengthening the competitive power of cooperating companies, and guaranteeing the quality of globally sourced products.

Production  Quality

Production Quality
Built on the experience and continued training of all Hyundai WIA employess and optimized plant design Hyundai WIA guarantees the highest level of manufacturing efficiency and quality through systematic process management and continuous monitoring.

Continuous Quality innovation

Continuous Quality Innovation
Hyundai WIA’s uses systematic statistical methods and employee suggestion program to achieve ‘Zero Defects’. With this approach they further strengthen their global competitive strength in every aspect of the business through its innovation actions and accomplishments.

Quality Management Information System

Quality Management Information System
Systems such as QIS, GQMS, SIS promote immediate response and improvement by controlling and analyzing information in real time from the product development stage to all stages which contribute to quality of its products and services.