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HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corp

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Hyundai WIA Machine America Corp

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Brief History

The company also produces machine tools and has significantly contributed to Hyundai Motors being widely recognized in the Americas as a leading auto manufacturer. But, the Hyundai Group is so much more—an innovator in shipping, aviation, communications devices—the list goes on and on. In order to serve these diverse industries, Hyundai set out to find the best way to machine its extraordinary volume and mix of parts. The Hyundai leadership recognized that no one could do it better. In 1977, Hyundai WIA was born to build world-class CNC machines and has ever since.

About Hyundai WIA Machine America

From small-footprint vertical & horizontal machining centers, and turning centers ideal for job shops to rugged, large work area multitasking machines just like those in Hyundai Motors factories across the globe, we at Hyundai WIA Machine America is proud to bring a high-quality lineup of more than 100 different CNC machines to the manufacturing market in the Americas. It’s a product offering that spans a range of technology as robust as any other machine tool builder in the world.

The Americas operations recently moved its headquarters from Itasca, Illinois to its new location just 15 minutes from New York City in Carlstadt, NJ. It’s staffed with knowledgeable and skilled application engineers with ample space for configuring turnkey solutions and machine run-offs, as well as space dedicated to training operators and maintenance staff while Itasca, Illinois provides parts and support.

Future and goals

Research and development are cornerstones of the Hyundai Group and its customers are the beneficiaries of that. As a result of its vast global resources and commitment to moving the industry forward, Hyundai WIA is positioned to double machine tool production capacity and achieve their goal of becoming one of the top five machine tool builders in the world. This makes it possible to deliver an ever-diversified line of products quickly from an extensive inventory network.

Hyundai WIA machines always have been, and always will be world class.
We are committed to retain this distinction.