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L2000LSY Multi-Tasking Y axis CNC Turning Center

The CNC Turning Center L-SY Series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is designed to maximize productivity by enhancing rigidity and accuracy of machining.

Heavy Duty Y-axis CNC Turning Center with Box Guideways

  • Cycle time reducing structure for maximum productivity
  • Multi-tasking operation with wedge type Y-axis BMT65P turret
  • Integrated processing through synchronized control of Main/Sub spindle (“S” Type)
  • High performance heavy duty cutting enabled with box guideways
  • Improved maintenance through locating lubrication mechanisms on the front of machine

Basic Structure

Which Can Cover All Machining Process with Only One Initial Setting


Reduction of Non-Cutting Time by Fast Rapid Speed

Travel (X/Y/Z/ZB)

L2000Y/SY : 265/120{±60}/590/590 mm
L2000LY/LSY, L2500Y/SY, L3000Y/SY :
265/120{±60}/830/830 mm
L2500LY, L3000LY : 265/120{±60}/1,350 mm

Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z/ZB)

30/10/30/30 m/min


130° Slant Type Bed

The one-piece 30° slant bed design based on FEM analysis provides improvement in vibration absorption and machining stability during heavy duty cutting.

2Box Guideway


All axes of L-SY Series is designed with Box Guideways for better travel ability. Box Guideways show great performance in offsetting vibrations caused by heavy duty cutting.

3Main Built-In Spindle


Heat produced by the main spindle is blocked by applying a symmetric one-piece base and an insulation plate.
This enables maintenance of high accuracy even during a long period of machining.

4BMT Turret


The BMT holder is firmly fixed with 4 screws, keeping it in place during heavy operations, especially during milling, drilling, and tapping.

56″ Sub Spindle (“S” Type)


The sub spindle is equipped with built-in motor and headstock cooling device as standard to minimize thermal displacement.
Also, the use of sub spindle reduces setup time, improving productivity.

Built-in Spindle

Long Lasting High Accuracy & Excellent Performance CNC Turning Center

Built-In Main Spindle

L-SY Series features a built-in type spindle which effectively reduces noise, heat and vibration at high speed range. Also, rapid acc/ deceleration reduces non-cutting time leading to higher productivity.


C-Axis Control

C-axis control of main and sub spindle allows machining of various products. Especially with the use of live tools on the Y-axis.

Built-In Sub Spindle (“S” Type)

The 6˝ sub spindle with C-axis control offers wide range of operations and better machining ability.


Bar Capacity : Ø51

Y-Axis Function

High speed, High Accuracy, Highly Reliable BMT Turret


Wedge Type Y-axis Structure

The compact turret design allows installation in limited space without any reduction in processing capabilities.



Mill Turret (BMT Turret)

High precision is maintained by securing tool holders with 4 screws on the BMT turret.

Output Std. : 5.5 / 1.5 kW
Opt. : 7.5 / 1.5 kW
Speed 5,000 r/min
Collet size Ø25 (ER40)
Live Tool Type BMT65P
Indexing Time 0.15 sec/step


Mill Tool Holder

Machining capability has increased with the addition of straight milling head tool holder, which can machine workpieces from the side, and angular milling head tool holder, which can perform I.D. operations.


Straight Milling Head


Angular Milling Head