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KIT4500 Gang Type CNC Turning Center

The Gang Type CNC Turning Center KIT4500, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is a gang tool CNC Turning Center which maximizes productivity through high speed and high performance mechanisms.

High Speed, Rigidity and Productivity
Economical Gang Type CNC Turning center

  • 60° slanted one-piece bed structure with high rigidity
  • Stabilized unit structure to minimize thermal displacement
  • Reduction of belt damage and spindle vibration through decrease of spindle belt length
  • Optimal design for automation
  • Compact design suitable for installation in restricted space

Basic Features

The Most Advanced Mechanism, Revolutionized Productivity & High Performance



All axes of KIT4500 is designed with LM Guides. It reduces machining noise and enhances productivity through faster traverse rate.

Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Z axis) 30/36 m/min (1,181/1,417 ipm)
Travel (X/Z axis) 450/300 mm (17.7″/11.8″)
Max. Turning Dia. Ø165 (Ø6.5″)
Max. Turning Length 300 mm (11.8″)

160° Slant Bed Structure

The application of 60° slant bed ensures excellent chip processing with easy access to the chuck during your tool setting for your increased convenience. Especially, thermal displacement has been greatly improved compared to that of the existing machine as the thermal expansion directions of both the spindle and table are identical according to the thermal displacement of the bed.


2Ball Screw

Thermal displacement on the X axis has been reduced by 50% compared to that of the existing equipment due to improvements on the carriage structure on the X axis. Especially, the supporting capability has been improved as the support bearing of ball screws is expanded from the existing 2 EA to 3 EA on the X axis.


3Main Spindle

Precise machining can be done even in high speed due to the adoption of high precision angular ball bearings, and vibrations delivered to the main spindle have been minimized with the improved durability of the belt as the driving belt length on the main spindle is shortened.


High-Precision Spindle

Design of the main spindle in the high-tech structure
for machining in high precision

Main Spindle

The high precision spindle is designed with angular contact ball bearings. The bearings minimize thermal displacement even at high speed.


60˚ Slant Spindle

The spindle of KIT4500 is attached at the same angle as the gang table to minimize the machining tolerance due to thermal displacement.

In addition, strength has been improved by expanding the attaching area of the spindle rod, compared to the previous model.

Expansion of Bar Capacity


Expansion of Spindle Bore


Application of V-Ribbed Belt

The belt slip is reduced by changing the existing scrum belt to the V-ribbed belt. The span between motors in the spindle is optimized to improve spindle vibration and belt life.

Shortened Belt Length



Outstanding Productivity

High Precision, Rigid Mechanism Gang Type CNC Turning Center


Gang Type Block Tool

With Tool-To-Tool time reduced, productivity has bas improved in the machining of small sized parts.

No. of Tools 6 EA
Tool Size (OD/ID) □20/Ø32 mm (□0.8″/Ø1.2″)
Table Size 200×550 mm (7.9″×21.7″)


Optimal structure for user convenience

Door opening width : 495mm (19.5″)

  1. Arrangement of hydraulic unit on the backend
  2. 2-directional (front / left side) pressure controller
  3. Top hole for the dust collector installation
  4. Sockets for piping option such as air tool, hydraulic, etc. (3 points)


Coolant tank performance improvement

Coolant Capacity : 120ℓ (31.7 gal)
{Compared to previous machine 20ℓ(5.3 gal) UP}

  1. Enhanced coolant filter capability

    Filter capability has been improved by applying a dual filter in the zigzag filtering partition structure.

  2. Leakage prevention struction

    Leak is prevented by tightening the chip box shoot surface close to the bed shoot floor through controlling the chip box height.

  3. Expansion of chip storage space

    The chip storage space under the bed has been expanded by 30% compared to the previous model.